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Soby Boyden Lenz LLP Supports the Calgary Food Bank

Soby Boyden Lenz LLP believes in giving back and supporting our community. Over the past number of years and counting, Soby Boyden Lenz LLP graciously sponsors the annual Lady Member Guest Golf Tournament at Country Hills Golf Club (the “Tournament”). … Continue reading

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Legal Advice for those Who Cannot Afford It

Congratulations to our Associate, David Taylor, for being named Volunteer of the Month (August and September) at Calgary Legal Guidance! (“CLG”).

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Who gets the family pet in our Divorce? An Update.

At Soby Boyden Lenz LLP, our lawyers handle every kind of family law issue, including the area of pet ownership, custody and support. Should your relationship be ending or you are considering divorce, it is important to seek legal advice … Continue reading

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Should I get a pre-nup? Should I get a cohabitation agreement?

What is a prenuptial contract (“pre-nup”)? A pre-nup is a contract between a couple, who is going to marry, that outlines their legal rights and obligations, going forward, if their relationship ends. All relationships end at one point or another … Continue reading

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Junior Family Law Bar Networking Event: Opposing Counsel – Friend or Foe?

On February 12, 2015, the firms of Soby Boyden Lenz LLP, Widdowson Kachur Ostwald Menzies, Kahane Law Office, and Vogel LLP graciously sponsored the annual junior family bar networking event in Calgary.

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