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Author: mchartrand

Oops – Mistakes in Contracts

All family law contracts should be negotiated in good faith. There must be a clear “meeting of the minds” in forming a contract to ensure each party gives and receives exactly what he or she bargained for. That is not … Continue reading

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Author: lsherry

Ordinary Residence and Commencing Your Divorce Action

Perhaps you are working in Saskatchewan but the family home is in Alberta where your children attend school. You may be wondering if you can start your divorce in either province or which one is the right province to start … Continue reading

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Author: estewart

Soby Boyden Lenz LLP Supports the Calgary Food Bank

Soby Boyden Lenz LLP believes in giving back and supporting our community. Over the past number of years and counting, Soby Boyden Lenz LLP graciously sponsors the annual Lady Member Guest Golf Tournament at Country Hills Golf Club (the “Tournament”). … Continue reading

Author: dtaylor

Child Support: Intentional Unemployment Meaning

What do you do if you believe your spouse is intentionally unemployed or underemployed and you are receiving child support payments from them? The Federal Child Support Guidelines have addressed this factor specifically under Section 19 which states: “19 (1) The court … Continue reading

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Author: rwong

Separation Without Lawyers

Do I really need to consult a lawyer if I am separating from my spouse amicably and we have already agreed on how to share parenting, how much support is to be paid and how to divide matrimonial property? Many … Continue reading

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