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SBL - Children's Issues

Adoptions in Alberta can be classified as either open or closed.  Open adoptions allow for the adoptive and biological parents to meet each other.  Open adoptions often involve an informal arrangement among the parties whereby the biological parents are able to receive and send letters and photos to and from the family with whom their child was placed.  In some instances, open adoptions permit non-binding visitation rights.  Closed adoptions are just that, they do not permit the same flow of information between biological and adoptive parents.  Adoptions in Alberta are governed by the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act.

There are three avenues in which to complete an open adoption in Alberta, namely; step parent adoptions, direct placement adoptions and adoptions through an agency. Direct placement adoptions include situations in which the couple wishing to adopt has made arrangements to do so with an expectant mother.

Pursuant to Alberta’s Adult Adoption Act, children of step or foster parents and adult adoptees who have been reconnected with their birth families are able to complete “adult adoptions.”

Although not legally required, adult adoptions are often of great importance and hold tremendous sentimental value to those involved.

The lawyers at Soby Boyden Lenz LLP can assist you if you are interested in completing either an open or adult adoption.

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