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Separation Agreements

SBL - Separation Agreements

A Separation Agreement is the written record of how a couple has settled the issues arising from the end of their relationship. For many spouses, these issues include:

  • Who the children should live with and how decisions about the care and control of the children will be made (custody and guardianship)
  • How the spouses will share the children’s time (access)
  • How the spouses will cover the children’s financial needs (child support)
  • Whether a spouse is entitled to financial help meeting his or her expenses, and, if so, who should provide that help and in what amount (spousal support)
  • How the assets will be shared and how debts will be paid (property division)

If you are able to settle these issues, you should have your lawyer assist you to prepare a Separation Agreement, for signature, so that you can enforce the agreed terms.

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