A Leader in
CALGARY Family Law

In 1986, Soby Boyden Lenz opened its doors as Calgary’s first legal firm devoted entirely to family law. Since then, we have grown to become one of the city’s largest family law boutiques.

During our three decades of practice, we have built a solid reputation among colleagues and clients. From our King’s Counsel senior litigators to our fresh, new talent, we are known for our energy and dedication in navigating even the most complex and challenging of family law issues.

The Soby Boyden Lenz Advantage

When you hire one of our lawyers, you hire the whole family law team.

We’re a close-knit group of lawyers — all working in an environment rich in collaboration, knowledge-sharing and innovation. We meet every week. We discuss. We exchange ideas. We continually renew our ability to generate creative solutions for each client’s unique needs.

That’s how we put over 150 years of combined experience at your service. It’s also how we build value into our fee structures — aligning each component of your case to the best-matched level of expertise and the most cost-effective rate possible.

Passionate Advocates. Compassionate Guides.

At Soby Boyden Lenz, your family needs are our priority.

As society and laws continue to evolve, our firm stays alert and responsive. We keep abreast of new developments in order to craft the most customized, up-to-date legal solutions possible. We work hard to help you resolve family law disputes in a timely, amicable way. But where necessary, we are fully prepared to litigate your case, using a solid, well-contemplated plan of action.

Throughout the process, our team will stay by your side. When you turn to us, we will take the time to:

We will guide you every step of the way, helping you through to the end with the best outcome possible.